BASELINE vacuum chamber machines from MULTIVAC

Pack professionally from top to bottom

Successful and high quality vacuum packaging is simple with BASELINE chamber machines, because every BASELINE machine is a genuine MULTIVAC. This means that a long lifespan, a high level of reliability and the best service are guaranteed.

Even inexperienced personnel are able to pack reliably and efficiently with a BASELINE machine. BASELINE chamber machines are therefore the ideal vacuum packaging solution for butchers´shops, restaurants, hotels, chees dairies, direct marketing companies and farm shops. They can also be used for packing a wide range of consumer and industrial goods.

BASELINE chamber machines offer the quality and equipment for highly demanding challenges.
  • Housing made of stainless steel
  • Transparent, acrylic glass chamber lid
  • Automatic function for gentle packing
  • Double-seam separation sealing
  • Sloping insert and filling plates
  • Function for vacuum quick-stop
  • Three program memory spaces

Long lifespan and high reliability

We only use long-lasting materials and components for the BASELINE series of machines. Thanks to the vertical integration of our manufacturing, we can ensure that their quality is efficiently maintained. This means that you get a reliable machine from an integrated source - and all that at an attractive price-performance ratio. The BASELINE chamber machines are tested by the German Trade Association for the Food and Hospitality Industries (BGN) and they carry the GS seal of approval.

Simple cleaning and reliable hygiene

All BASELINE chamber machines have the MULTIVAC Hygiene Design™ and they can therefore also be used in production environments, which have the highest requirements for cleanliness and hygiene. The machine is designed for cleaning and disinfection with fluids. Easy-care materials and smooth surfaces ensure quick and simple cleaning.

Vacuum packaging machine BASELINE MULTIVAC P 100

BASELINE tabletop machines

Tabletop chamber machines from the BASELINE series are a cost-effective solution for packaging in film pouches. They can be used very flexibly due to their compact dimensions. A completely transparent chamber lid permits a view into the packaging procedure. The tabletop machines are easy to operate, clean and maintain.

vacuum maschine

BASELINE free-standing machines

MULTIVAC free-standing chamber machines in the BASELINE series can be used in a mobile fashion thanks to their movable floor stands and allow for fast relocations. They are also suitable for packaging larger products. The vacuum machines are easy to operate, clean and service. A completely transparent chamber lid permits a view into the packaging procedure.

vacuum maschine BASELINE MULTIVAC P 500

BASELINE double chamber machines

MULTIVAC BASELINE double chamber machines are equipped with two chambers. While products are being packed in the first chamber, the second chamber can be unloaded and loaded again. This makes the packaging procedure especially efficient. BASELINE chamber machines from MULTIVAC are easy to operate, clean and service. They can be equipped with pumps with varying outputs according to individual requirements.

Tipps zum Verpacken mit MULTIVAC Vakuum-Kammermaschinen

Professional vacuum packing

Achieve optimum packaging results for various products with 6 simple, basic rules

In order to achieve optimum packaging results, you just need to observe a few basic rules. Everything else is done by the BASELINE chamber machines.

  • Fill the pouch: The sealing area inside and outside must remain clean.
  • Load the pouch: If necessary, position the pouch using the sloping insert and the magnetic angle bracket.
  • Align the sealing area: Place the open end of the pouch over the sealing bar. The edge of the pouch must not be trapped in the chamber lid.
  • Select the program: Select one of the three defined programs or enter a sealing time and vacuum duration.
  • Start the program: The packaging procedure is started by the closing of the chamber lid.
  • Remove the pack: The chamber lid opens automatically after the evacuation and sealing.
  • Pull off the pouch trim: If preferred, pull off the overhanging pouch trim at the separation seam.
packaging tips

Packaging tips

Packing in the butcher's shop

Packing in the butcher's shop

Packing in the kitchen

Packing in the kitchen

Packing in cheese dairies

Packing in cheese dairies

Technical product packed by MULTIVAC

Packing technical products

packed cheese block by MULTIVAC

Packing for sale at the counter


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